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Welcome to this page where we list contacts of our sisters, Sanadoras (Healers) of Lago Atitlan, Guatemala. We are honored to be building relations with these lovely women, and promoting their work. There are many many beautiful healers aka spiritual guides, abdominal massage practitioners, bone healers and more in Guatemala, and around Lago Atitlan- these are the ones we have had the blessing to cross paths with and build relations with, whom are happy to make relations with us.


Nana Berta, huesera/bone healer, weaver, and lake protector. 

Nana Berta is a gifted healer that heals tendons and bones with the help of her ancestors. Sessions can be around 15-30 minutes sometimes longer. Depending on what’s needed it can be a mild sensation, or deep emotional or physical painful release. We have seen miracles happen, especially with those that have faith. Nana Berta is also a weaver, and has a store front in San Pedro 

She is from and lives in San Pedro de Laguna, Lago Atitlan.

She speaks her native language and Spanish.

Whats app contact: +502 5932 0000


Nana Maria Feliciana is Spiritual Guide. She gives readings that can include using her “bara” which contains seeds and stones that have been passed down to her from her teachers and community. Maria Feliciana also leads groups and private sessions of ceremonial fires and temazcales that can be deeply healing and transformative. Nana Maria Feliciana also has rooms for rent at Posada del Sol where she can give sessions, if scheduled in advanced 

She speaks her native language and Spanish.

Whats app Contact: +502 4222 9803


Lucia Culum, carries many magical gifts past down to her from her Grandfathers. Her abdominal massages in and out of the temazcal are quite profound and powerful. She also can provide ceremonies with fire offerings and rocks to clean your ancestral line (these can be long ceremonies and need time to prepare and complete.) Lucia works with plants and can offer plant limpias to clean and clear energies. 

She speaks her native language and Spanish.

Whatapp +502 3262 3622


Nana Mimi is a joyful sweet ceremonial woman. Her Grandmother is from the coast of Guatemala, and passed down the tradition of cacao ceremonies to her. Her family continues to grow, harvest and work with Cacao in beautiful ways. She also earned her “bara” to provide fire ceremonies for individuals or groups.  Nana Mimi also offers abdominal massage, womb healing, works with plants and weaving. Sapo Aliix is her place where she can host events, offer retreats, and rent out rooms. Her family owns the Chocolate Factory in San Juan. She lives in San Juan de Laguna, Lago Atitlan

She speaks her native language, Spanish and is learning English.

Whatsapp +502 5576 7184

Rosa Maya is from Colombia and resides in San Pablo de Laguna .

Rosa Maya Sanchez, is a medicine woman from the Andes Colombianos, living at the lake with her partner Rolando, and their beautiful daughter.  She is a Doula with a wisdom of music, practicing  “sobada” abdominal, healing massages, and medicine of the Temazcalli. She carries a lineage passed down to her by her Grandmothers.

Rosa Maya is Bilingual in Spanish and English.

Whatsapp +502 4948 8060

Instagram: @raiz_dulce


Mary Navichoc is a therapist of the mind and soul, and offers abdominal massage. She has an endearing intuitive gift and touch. Her abdominal massage,  we have experienced, can be potent but we on the more gentle, intuitive, energetic side compared to others. 

She speaks her native language and Spanish, and is learning English.

Whatsapp +502 4486 2200

Ruth Medoza Quiacain is a new generation midwife in San Marcos de Laguna. She practices maya abdominal massage, her technique includes massaging the whole body, in or outside the temascal with plants and utilizing the “faja”. She is on her path studying the ways of Maya Spiritual Guides. She also works with cacao, and offers cleansing with tobacco for healing. Ruth makes beautiful products, salves and balms and more.

She speaks her native language and Spanish, and is learning English.

Whatsapp: +502 4984 2374

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