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Melissa Carey

Soul Flow with Melissa Carey

Melissa Carey

This class aims to expand our edges, soften our resistance and balance us on all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Soul Flow rides the wave to yogic bliss using slower transitions and longer holds in poses for a deepened exploration into all parts of our being. Other yogic practices such as mudra (hand gestures), pranayama (breath practice), kriya (purification through heat building) and meditation may be woven throughout seamless flowing sequences to ground you and round out the experience.


Melissa teaches this practice of yoga, mantra, music, and meditation as way to love and accept our hurts and our joys, feeling wholeness without needing to be fixed, and activating the body’s innate wisdom to heal. She seeks to create a space where people feel comfortable to deeply feel and express themselves thereby creating a sense of community in practice that can help us all to find our true gifts and grow into our fullest expression of ourselves. By offering one on one sessions and group classes, Melissa hopes to lead each person back to their depth of self. She holds a BA in Yoga and Meditation with a minor in Religious Studies from Naropa University. She has been practicing for 17 years, studying buddhism and yoga.

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