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(Photo from Sister Winds Ensemble 2018)

Sister Winds is a non-profit based out of Boulder Colorado. It is our mission to uplift women in music and healing arts, while building relationships of “Sisterhood” to be inclusive to all people, races, ages and genders. We stand in “sisterhood” to LGBTQIA+, all nations, all beliefs, all indigenous nations, and people doing their best to make this world a better place.



Sister Winds put on 13 years of Family Festivals in Colorado. During the pandemic we rested, and dreamed. After the pandemic our focus has been on building Choirs, and “sisterhood” with indigenous healers in Guatemala, as well as, creating foundation for a longer term vision.

We are looking forward to this Summer Choir Series!
More info….


Our Hermanas Del Viento en Guatemala went beautifully. We were graced by the blessings of the relations we are building with some of the indigenous healers around Lago Atitlan. The Mystic Choir singers showed up in such grace and participation and felt honored to sing at a ceremony with the Sanadoras (healers) and other events. We hope to return next year and continue nurturing the sisterhood we seeded there. Furthermore we continue to promote the healers we made connections with …. (check the healer page, updating…)


GRACIAS!  Stay posted for more info in 2025, and a recap video for 2024.

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Sister Winds Festival

A transformational gathering celebrating the divine feminine through women-led music, mindfulness, and movement.
Gathering as one community: all genders, ages, and people WELCOME!

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