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We are excited to return with Sister Winds journeys to Guatemala!

Do I need a passport to travel to Guatemala?

YES! Get yours ASAP, or pay for expedite. (usually USA residents are allowed a 2-3 month travel visa)

Is Guatemala safe to travel?

We love traveling in Guatemala, but it is a 3rd world country and Some places are safer than others, we advice sticking to more touristy places, and not walking in some areas at night alone, and keeping your belongings safe. Being street smart. The USA has had travel restrictions on Guatemala for a very very long time, due to civil war in the 70’s and I am sure other good reasons- but that also makes it quite magical for those that make there, are generally not your average tourist- but adventurers or nomadic.

Do I need vaccines or certain shots before going?

hummmm? that is a personal decision as far as we are concerned, to inquire with your health practitioners and inner guidance.

Health: More than anything we advice being wise what water and food you are consuming to avoid the travel tummy, and or having probiotics, charcoal or herbal remedies to balance stomach- in San Marcos there are alot of herbal remedies .

What’s the daily cost of travel?

It really depends how you like to travel, what kind of places you like to stay and what you like to eat. For example you could purchase 5 homemade corn tortillas and a bowl or black beans for $1 or you could get a nice meal at a a touristy restaurant $8-$15 on average and higher end places $20-$30 depending on the place.

Accommodations you can find things online, to secure you have a place in the busy season- or you might find cheaper places that aren’t listed online once you are there- but the price would likely reflect it’s comfort.

If you get a hotel or airbnb in the town central then everything is in walking distance.

Noise? Latin America is generally a noiser world, bring earplugs to sleep at night

People of Guatemala/language- There is a beautiful mix of indigenous people and non-indigenous guatemalans. There are 5 maya languages spoken at Lago Atitlan Guatemala. For most Maya people at Lago Atitlan, Spanish is their second language, a few younger generations are not learning their indigenous tongue and only speaking Spanish.


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