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 Hermanas Del Viento Journey

Jan 10th-17th 2025

is our next

Hermanas del Viento Experience

Welcome to this transformative Experience!

Together, building our relations with the Maya healers and opening our voices in song weave a narrative of holistic well-being, cultural immersion, and artistic expression—a testament to the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Let’s get connected ~ and explore what is happening 

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Our retreat space called Yaabil, is privately located on the lake of Lago Atitlan, right near San Marcos de Laguna Guatemala,  nestled in the heart of a lush, vibrant landscape, upon a crater lake surrounded by 3 volcanos, and a popping town of many world travelers and Maya natives. This journey is like no other, where you’ll discover ancient wisdom of the Maya people, participate in a harmonious convergence of mysticism and music, and have exposure to Guatemala culture, all alongside a beautiful retreat space along the lake.


Part of Sister Winds Foundation is to build sisterhood- thus this is a cultural exchange and offering; where we cultivate song to offer at the culmination of our experience at a ceremony with song and the healers. (If you don’t consider yourself a singer- you can still be part, and we can talk or plan in a discovery call what is possible for you).  Shaela Noella will be guiding us in opening up our voices and creating song content to share at a ceremony that honors togetherness, and all walks of life, with the Maya Healers.  The energy cultivated singing together becomes a powerful force and connectivity between us. The songs we share are not just a repertoire of vocal talent but a joyful ceremonial offering, a gift to the collective spirit of the lake and people, and a reflection of the transformative journey undertaken by each participant. 

 As we rehearse and harmonize, you’ll not only discover the beauty of your own voice but also experience the collective energy that emerges when individuals unite in a shared artistic expression. The pinnacle of your retreat experience will be the fire ceremony honoring the Maya Women with Song, and their blessing of prayer for humanity. 


As you stand before the Maya healers, offering your voices in honor of healing, you become conduits for the universal forces of restoration and renewal. Your vocal expressions carry the collective intention of wellness and wholeness, resonating with the ancient rhythms of the earth and the cosmos.


We will also offer an excursion across the lake to San Juan to visit some of the women’s weaving collectives, and explore the special town of San Juan.

The heart of this experience connects our voices and songs through Singing as well as the profound connection and introduction to Maya healers, venerable, humble individuals who carry the ancient knowledge and healing traditions of their ancestors. Through intimate ceremonies, and visits, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with these wise women. Most of the Maya Healers speak Spanish as their second language, we will have translators for any programming we are offering.

Maya healing practices and practitioners could include bone healers, womb healers, cacao and fire ceremonialists, and more.  

  • Bone Healers: These practitioners are steeped in the ancient art of bone-setting and alignment of tendons. The healer Shaela has worked with in the past has a very natural mystic modality that I hope she can share a little bit about with us, and then can be available for private sessions.  
  • Womb Healers: Maya culture places a profound emphasis on the sacred nature of the womb, and centering it. Womb healers specialize in balancing and nurturing the feminine energy, offering a range of practices. Shaela knows a handful of amazing practitioners, she’s excited to connect us with some of them so we can experience their work and energy.  
  • Cacao Ceremonialists: Cacao holds a sacred place in Maya tradition, known for its heart-opening and mood-enhancing properties. Cacao ceremonialists guide participants through rituals involving the drinking of ceremonial-grade cacao. These ceremonies often include meditation, chanting, and a deep connection with the spirit of the cacao plant, fostering a sense of unity and love. Nana Mariam is Shaela’s dear friend whom she loves and honors and will invite her to visit us or we can go see her in San Juan.
  • Fire Ceremonialists: Fire is a powerful symbol in Maya cosmology, representing transformation and purification. Fire ceremonialists lead rituals that harness the energy of flames for healing and spiritual growth. Participants may engage in guided meditation, prayer, and symbolic offerings to the fire, facilitating personal and collective transformation. 

We will focus on singing in the evenings (either indoor or with a fire with ceremonial intent), and the mornings will include visits/presentations from the healers, the afternoons will be free to book personal sessions with healers, explore the area, or rest and integrate.  Plus we will have 1 excursion as a group to San Juan. We are doing our best to make just the right amount of programming; so you will receive a lot but also have time for reflection, leisure or some exploration.

Pricing includes:

  • Staying at the retreat space
  • Catered food provided by our dear herbalist friend Laurie:  light breakfast of fruits and teas and coffee, with a heartier Brunch and Linner. 
  • Vocal Activations and Song
  • Any Hermanos del Viento Events
  • Presentations from the Healers
  • One excursion trip to San Juan

Pricing starts at $850 and goes up to $2,200. Cost depends on your lodging desires, most basic is camping, and highest cost is a private room for one person, rooms shared are most economic. There are 4 rooms in a lovely house on the lake; 2 can sleep up to 3 with a loft, and 2 are a large bed that can sleep up to 2. Currently we are taking payments through paypal after a discovery call to find out what best meets your needs (we might make check-out link buttons but for now prefer having a personal connection with those interested in joining).

The retreat costs do NOT include: 

  • Airfare
  • Transportation to and from, and around the Lake (minus the one cost of the boat for the one excursion)
  • eating food out at restaurants or cafes
  • personal sessions with healers (that we recommend to book!)
  • Personal shopping or souvenirs

Set up a Free Discovery call with Shaela Noella

The Hermanas Del Viento Retreat is more of a journey, an experience, an adventure with profound exploration of culture, spirituality, and artistic expression. As you immerse yourself in the teachings of the Maya healers and contribute your voice to the Medicine Weavers Choir, you’ll leave the retreat not only rejuvenated but also carrying the echoes of a transformative experience that will resonate within you long after the closing song has been sung.

The act of offering songs of gratitude can be deeply transformative, both for you and for the Maya healers. Through your heartfelt melodies, you convey not only your appreciation for their teachings but also your willingness to engage in a meaningful exchange of cultural knowledge and traditions. It’s a gesture ofreciprocity and respect, bridging the gap between different ways of expressing gratitude and reverence.



This will be Shaela Noella’s 6th trip to Lago Atitlan. Her first time living there for 3 months was in her early 20’s, a lot has changed on the lake since then, but it remains a magical place in her heart. She is so thrilled to share it with more people. Shaela is the visionary of this retreat and leading the choir with the assistance of Saoirse Watters, whom is assisting her in many beautiful ways. The team Shaela has built to make our stay is dreamy and we look forward to sharing this experience together.

Through this journey, you might uncover hidden aspects of yourself, gain new perspectives on health and wellness, and develop a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of all living beings. Your voice becomes a thread woven into the fabric of cultural exchange, bridging gaps between different ways of knowing and being.


Do you still have some questions about it?

Set up a Free Discovery call with Shaela Noella

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